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How the Random Jackpots Work on Caesar’s Empire Slot

In this part of our website we are going to pass onto you some information regarding the way that the Random Jackpots work and operate on the Caesar’s Empire slot game. We are aware that many players may never have come across a slot that can award them with a huge progressive jackpot but in a random way, so please do keep on reading for all will shortly be revealed to you.

Real Time Gaming have perfected the art of designing slot games that players want to play, and when you play slots such as the Caesar’s Empire slot you will have the chance of putting into play any number of paylines and playing each spin for a stake level chosen by you.

Now in addition to the base game and bonus game winning payouts than you can be awarded, each time you play this slot for any stake amount a small percentage of your stakes are being used to feed the progressive jackpot which can be seen growing in value by taking a look at the Jackpot Meter box.

Once you have sent any base game paid for spin of the reels into play the random number generator will determine whether you have won the progressive jackpot or not, once the reels have come to a complete stop if you have not been awarded the progressive jackpot nothing will happen.

However, if the random number generator decides you are the next winner of the jackpot a message will be flashed n the slot games screen and the entire amount of cash in the Jackpot Meter will then be awarded instantly to you, and the jackpot will then reset to its seed base value and will start to grow again as more players play the slot.

The best way we can describe the way the jackpot is awarded and your chances of winning that random jackpot is by comparing it to a raffle. If you buy just one ticket in any raffle then your chance of winning the prize will be very low, however if you buy lots and lots of tickets in that raffle then you have a much better chance of winning the prize on offer.

This is much like the way the Random Jackpot works and operates on the Caesar’s Empire slot game, for the more you wager on the slot through your base game stake amounts then the more chances you will have of finally winning the Random Jackpot.

It has been found that slot players logged into Real Time Gaming powered casinos will stick only to playing the Real Series slot games of which the Caesar’s Empire slot is the best one you can play and will allocate a lot of time playing that slot, for every spin sent into play gives players a chance of winning the jackpot.

You may be wondering if there is a good time and a bad time to play the Caesar’s Empire slot game in the hope of you winning the progressive jackpot that is attached to it. Well, there is always going to be a good chance that as soon as the jackpot has grown in size it becomes overdue then the jackpot will be won, so in regards to when would be a good time to play this slot you may wish to stick to playing it only when the jackpot has grown to a huge amount of cash.

However having said that there has been lots of instances when the Random Jackpot has been awarded in only a short amount of time since another player won the jackpot, so there is never any chance of knowing just who will win the jackpot or when they will win it, which is why this really is an exciting online slot game to play.

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